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Benpour Technologies Pvt Ltd is offering workshop to students of Btech/BE/BCA and MCA Graduates. We are providing workshop in PHP ,JAVA, .NET , Android, SEO,MS SQL,Website designing,Application developement.
.Net TechnologiesAndroid Application Developement
4-Day Workshops

Programming .NET with C# The .NET runtime includes powerful mechanisms that can be leveraged in different languages. This intensive hands-on course puts you in the driver’s seat as you become adept at taking advantage of the most advanced programming mechanisms of .NET:

  • Learn the C# language.
  • Use C# both through command line tools and Microsoft Visual Studio.NET.
  • See how C# compares to C++.
  • Take an in-depth look at the internals of the runtime.
  • Build GUI Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio.NET.
  • Interface with databases (ADO.NET) and the web (ASP.NET).
  • Debug .NET applications.

.NET frameworks and libraries .NET comes with an impressive set of class libraries. Learn how you can leverage them to greatly lower the cost of development.

  • Integrate your own classes into the .NET framework
  • Learn how the CLR supports development of robust and reusable classe
  • Integrate your application with XML
  • Build graphical interfaces in a breeze for both desktop and web applications
  • Build multithreaded systems in .NET

Object-Oriented Programming on .NET

  • The principles and techniques of object technology including abstract data types, multiple inheritance, genericity, deferred classes and many others.
  • Design by Contract and its applications to documentation, debugging, inheritance, project management, handling of abnormal cases, and building robust systems.

ASP.NET You will discover the new way of building Web applications with ASP.NET. ASP.NET is a full rewrite of ASP which takes web pages development one step further, enabling a clean, coherent, extendible design, and better performance.

  • Design active pages with a clean separation between code and HTML content.
  • Refactor existing ASP pages in more efficient ASP.NET pages.
  • Discover the new ASP.NET controls
  • Use Visual Studio.NET and Web Forms to build web pages
  • See how to use ADO.NET in connection with ASP.NET to let your Web site serve as a simple and efficient window on your databases.
  1. Introduction:
    • What is Android?
    • Why is android important to you?
    • Android Architecture
    • Difference between open source and Free Software
  2. Introduction to JAVA:
    • Why Java?
    • Variables and Constants
    • Overriding and Hiding methods
    • Super Java Keyword
    • Closer look at Hello world application in android
  3. Activities:
    • What is an Activity?
    • Creating an Activity
    • Deployment of Toast Application
  4. Introduction to XML:
    • What is XML?
    • Basics of XML
    • Declare an Attribute in XML
    • UI creation using XML
    • Android manifest file
  5. Intents:
    • What is Intent?
    • Types of Intents
    • Web Browser Application
    • Page Navigation Application
    • Connectivity Application
    • Deploy Application onto Phone
  6. Layouts:
    • What is Layout?
    • Types of Layout
    • Absolute Layout
    • Frame Layout
    • Linear Layout
    • Table Layout and
    • Relative Layout
  7. Make a phone call:
    • How to make a phone call in Android,and monitor the phone call states viaPhoneStateListener.?
    • To make a phone call, Android need CALL_PHONE permission
  8. Working with Images:
    • Use “ImageView” to display an image file.
    • Use “ImageButton” to display a button with a customized background image.
    • Use “Button” and “selector” tag to display buttons’ images depend on the button states.
  9. Working with Sensors:
    • How to use sensor (Proximity)?
    • Make an application to determine object near or far.
  10. Working with BroadCast Services:
    • How to use BroadCast Receivers?
    • Make a application that displays the % of charge available in devices battery using Progress Bar.
  11. Working with Multimedia:
    • How to play audio and video files.
    • Make an application to play a song.
  12. How to send Sms/Email:
    • How to send msg in android.
    • Use Intent.ACTION_SEND to call an existing email client to send an Email.
  13. Working with Camera:
    • How does a camera work?
    • Classes needed for camera
    • Interface a camera and capture a photo
  14. How to Download Files:
    • How to use Android Progress Bar?
    • Make an application for downloading a file.
  15. Working with Bluetooth:
    • How does a camera work?
    • Classes needed for camera
    • Interface a camera and capture a photo