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Library management system

Library management system

” MERI KITAB “library automation software allows you to efficiently manage your varied library education and management responsibilities with the following unique capabilities:

Improve reading scores. Alexandria’s built in Lexile capabilities actually improve reading scores.
Universal access to students from home. With Alexandria, students have secure access to your library—24 hours a day.

Relieve the resource drain of extra support staff just to manage your library automation software. Benpour automatic updates, 24/7/365 technical support, and renowned ease-of-use allow you to re-deploy valuable resources to more important areas.


  • Key features of the Software are listed below:
    Book and Member Record management with the help of Bar-Codes (Optional)
    Customizable grouping of members under various Categories and Classes
    Customizable Fine Settings for various Categories of Members (Fine per day/Book return Period etc.
    Member’s Fine Balance management facility.
    Powerful Search Facility for Book and Member Search based on various Search Criteria
    Barring of Book Issues to Book and/or Fine Defaulters (Optional)
    Multiple Library Location setup feature
    Complete management of records of Book-Donor, Vendor, Publisher, Author, Locations, Subjects, Categories, Designations/Classes, Rack-Shelf etc.
    Book-Reservation facility (Optional)
    Comprehensive Reports:
    Book Issues/Returned/Due etc
    Books Purchased | Books Recd. in Donation | Books in Default
    Members Fine Report
    Fine balances of Members
    Payments Recd by Members
    Book Donors
    Members Categories & Rules
    Complete Book Catalog
    Books Purchased
    List of Holidays
    Database Backup and Restore facility
    Intuitive Design for ease in operation
    Bar-Code Printing Facility for Books and Members
    Customizable Security and Access Levels

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